a freestyler for kirchberg a hermann gmeiner portrait for sos kinderdorf a hummer in front of another hummer a stewart for the stewart alexander kaleri is given the space paintings austrian chancellor wolfgang schuessel with zwerger at a concert of the rolling stones in austria belarussian invitation card chancellor vranitzky gets his portrait at the airport of innsbruck dany de vito and zwerger in squaw valley dany de vito is argueing with me dany de vito obviously likes the portrait done by zwerger does dany de vito really like arnold schwarzenegger franz klammer and zwerger in sqaw valley franz klammer and zwerger with klammer portrait franz klammer sees his portrait for the first time helmut zwerger and wolfgang puck in los angeles helmut zwerger with alberto tomba hermann maier hermann maier and helmut zwerger jackie stewart is very fond of his zwergerportrait kaleri and zwerger in moscow paintings in the museum of contemporary art in minsk-belarus pavarotti with his portrait,reno,colorado petra schuermann with zwerger in munich portrait of hans dichand portrait of hans krankl poster of the zwerger exhibition in a carriage of the subway in minsk presentation portrait of eu commissionar franz fischler at europian parliament in brussels presenting the portrait of the austrian chancellor franz vranitzky for the first time prokopzov,sharanhovich,zwerger,mischenko at the museum of contemporary art in minsk robison,zwerger and huffington at schloss leopoldskron in salzburg speaking about the cable car the director of the belarussian national museum vladimir prokopzov and helmut zwerger the director of the museum of contemporary art in minsk sharanhovich together with zwerger the russian cosmonaut alexander kaleri this painting of the founder of the sos kinderdorf hermann gmeiner was also used as a phonecard three lady diana paintings close together together with dr.ruth westheimer together with ingemar stenmark and guenther mader toni sailer with his portrait in kitzbuehel with derek bell,who won the 24 hours race  in le mans for many times without words 1 zwerger and buzz aldrin in sqwaw valley zwerger and hermann maier with the famous painting of maiers nose dive zwerger and klammer zwerger and maier looking at the painting zwerger and miss america at his exhibition at ashkenazy galleries in san francisco zwerger and toni sailer zwerger gives a portrait of hermann gmeiner to kutin,the director of sos kinderdorf zwerger painted schloss leopoldskron on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the salzburg seminar zwerger presenting pavarotti before flight zwerger together with ed begley jun. and others in squaw valley zwerger with louis montoyer at ashkenazy gallery in los angeles